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        The construction of Europe of the future will depend on the younger generations of today and it requires adults to help them get to know European values, mainly its peace aiming history and orientation, spirit of mutual understanding, tolerance, cherishing diversity and acceptance of all differences among individuals and various groups. For a long period, Europe has been struggling to successfully cope with issues, such as refugees influx, political conflicts and terrorism; in such an unsafe and turbulent environment, it is imperative that young people be educated and prepared to adapt successfully to a constantly changing society, displaying at the same time attitudes of tolerance, acceptance and solidarity.

Our youngest students are 12 years old, their views and behaviors can be shaped into becoming better citizens of Europe of the future by providing good moral role models. Through six transnational project and student exchange meetings, our project aims to awaken and develop this awareness through real, empowering and innovative relations.

We believe that schools are the best place to help envisage Europe as a dynamic cultural, civic and humanist construction. In the partnership project “Ambassadors for Peace’’, our main aim is to outline and discover the identity of each partner country, cherish it and respect it.

Through various activities they will evaluate history of EU in peace making areas, they will research their countries' history of wars, analyse negative aspects of wars not only in their countries but in all partner countries, as well as in current war zones, they will show their creativity through various art contests, organize events in their schools, analyse media content, take action in promoting non violent means of handling conflict situations. Participating in this project will help them improve their English speaking and writing skills as well as their digital, social and media competences.

All activities will be carefully collected and their outputs widely disseminated.

Finally, all appropriate means of evaluation will be used to refine and adjust our good practices and increase the impact on the school, local, regional and wider community. The capsule we will be creating during our mobilities will be finally sent to the European Community and the United Nations, as a sample of how young people envisage a world in PEACE.


Welcome in Romania our first mobility!!!



New white
New light
New sight
New rights
Give me your hand to change the world
Give me your hand to live in peace

Slogan for peace

Song for peace



The Finnish lyrics:

Trygghet varje dag för oss,fred på jorden ska alla ha.

Security every day for us,peace on Earth should be for all.

The Greek lyrics:

Αν είμαστε όλοι ενωμένοι, θα προχωρήσουμε μαζί

we are all united, we will walk together.ek lyrics

The French lyrics:

Toi tu rêves d'un monde sans guerre Et moi je te déclare la Paix
You dream of a world without war And I declare you Peace

The Romanian lyrics

Aş vrea să pot schimba ceva  Căci lumea nu e doar a mea

O lume plină de eroi Să fie pace, nu război, nu război.

I’d like to change something As the world is just mine

A world full of heroes Let it be peace, not war, not war.

The italian lyrics

E'ora di correre in mondo a colori

è ora di sbocciare come fiori

It's time to run in a colourful world

Tt's time to bloom as  flowers

Fighters for rights

Martin Luther King

Rosa Parks

Emmeline Pankhurts

Nelson Mandela

Malala ...

and....! we'll tell you later!

Peace within myself

We had workshops with  a yoga teacher, with a singer to help us to breath, with a psychologist...

Some schools are invested in raising awareness against harassment

Titre 6
Titre 6

Wish tree

Peace and the new technologies

What about pupils's addiction to social networks?

How the new technologies can help or distroy peace?

Drawing for peace

Competitions are organised. The best works of art will be exhibited and rewared in a special events  (International Day against racial discrimination, Peace Day)

Welcome at school !  famous exhibition CARTOONING FOR PEACE

Let's discover the best streetartists! BANKSY... Let's appreciate how relevent are there works!